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What is offered in the Uber for handyman app package?

There are various home services that require professional care at times. Catering to people’s needs by providing an expert for home service instantly can be done with the help of an Uber for handyman app. This is a customized app that will help users find a professional service provider who will take care of any home service they require. The app consists of three main panels:

Three major panels of an optimal on-demand handyman service app Customer app: With this panel, customers will sign up with the app and choose a service of their choice. They will then confirm the request, and once it is accepted by a service provider, they will be able to track them. After availing the service successfully, they have to pay via any one of the payment modes available and rate the service.
Admin panel: The admin can log in to the powerful admin dashboard and manage the entire process smoothly. Access to view all data will be given to the admin in order to help them monitor all aspects and resolve…

Launch your venture with an optimized and user-friendly Swiggy clone app

The food delivery industry has developed swiftly in the past few years. Online apps have a major role in this rapid development. Considering this, many entrepreneurs have launched their food delivery venture with a Swiggy clone app. It is highly advanced, robust, and can be customized in accordance with the business requirements. What is the roadmap of the on-demand food delivery app?.  It has an easy to navigate workflow that will help users place food delivery orders with a few taps.

Step-1: Users have to sign-up with the app with their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

Step-2: After a successful login, they can go through the list of restaurants listed and choose a suitable one.

They can add food items of their choice to the cart and then proceed to checkout.

Step-4: Before payment, they can apply any offers available or redeem any coupons.

Step-5: Upon successful payment, the order will be confirmed, and delivery executives will be assigned.

Step-6: If a…

Provide online dating service with a Tinder clone app

In the current era, dating has also been digitized completely. Dating apps are now available where people can find a suitable date. It is one of the well-established businesses in the market, which yields a good profit. Any entrepreneur who wants to launch a dating business can purchase a Tinder clone app available in the market. It is an affordable app solution that can be easily developed and customized. It consists of the following panels:

User app: With this panel, users can sign up successfully and create a profile for themselves. They can go through other profiles and like them if needed and talk to them.
Admin panel: The admin can log in using the credentials and monitor the entire process. They have access to all data, can host ads, and more.

How is the Tinder clone app developed? The dating app undergoes the following phases of development:
Analyzing requirements: In the first stage, you have to discuss your ideas and requirements with the business experts. This will help …

Develop and launch a feature-rich DoorDash clone for your business

The food delivery industry has now become one of the most profitable sectors where, if promoted the right way and offered good quality service, you can become one of the key competitors in the market. If you are a business person with plans to launch your own venture, then you can go ahead and do so with a DoorDash clone app. It is a customizable solution offered in the market at affordable prices.

Crucial features of the food delivery app: The major phase while developing an app is the features that are included in it. The app attributes, along with easy operability, is one of the vital factors that will lead your brand to success. A few important features to be present in the app are listed here:
Social media login: Allow users to sign up with the app using their social media accounts. Major platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., should be supported.
Easy search: Ensure that users are able to apply the necessary filters and find a food item of their choice easily. …

Customized Alcohol Delivery App Solution

Four vital panels of an Uber for alcohol delivery app Alcohol delivery is one of the rapidly growing on-demand services in the market. Many entrepreneurs have launched their alcohol delivery apps in the market, and it has been a massive success. You can also launch your own alcohol delivery brand in the market with an online app. It should be feature-rich, robust, optimized, and easy to use.

Distinct dashboards of an Uber for alcohol delivery app: The delivery app should have four different panels for users, delivery executives, store owners, and the admin.
Users app: Users can register with the app and place orders for alcohol delivery. They can pay for the orders using one of the secure payment gateways available in this alcohol delivery app.
Delivery executives app: They can sign up with the app and upload documents for verification. After they obtain proper approval from the admin, they can accept user requests and serve them.
Store owners app: The vendors or store owners can regi…