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Provide optimized packers and movers platform to gain a large customer base

Hiring a professional team of packers and movers will help people move easily from one place to another. The next question would be, where would you get a professional mover team in a few minutes? Users can turn to an online packers and movers platform via which they can place a request for hiring a set of packers and movers. As an entrepreneur, you can develop and launch your packer and movers app and yield good profit in a short time.

How do the packers and movers app function? The app should have an efficient workflow that will allure more customers towards the packers app.
Customers should be able to sign up with the app and complete the authentication process. They can then select a service type of their choice and specify the correct location. Customers can then confirm the request and pay for the service via the payment gateways available in the app. They can also schedule their service or avail them instantly via the online app. Professionals will then accept user requests and…

Purchase and customize a Foodpanda clone script for your food delivery business

Introducing and establishing your food delivery brand in the market is now easy, with an online app like Foodpanda. In the digital era, people prefer to avail of their services via an online app rather than spending money on traveling and a good amount of time. So, they will expect on-time service provided via an optimized and user-friendly app. The key to building a high-quality app is to hire an experienced and skilled team of developers. They will assist you right from requirement collection until technical support post the launch of the Foodpanda clone app

How does the on-demand food delivery app function effectively?Users will have to log in or sign up with the food delivery app using their phone numbers or email IDs. Social media account login is also possible. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., can be used to log in. Delivery executives have to complete the verification process by submitting a few documents to the app. The admin will approve them, followed by which th…

Uber for massage app - Factors impacting the development cost

To the list of most profitable businesses in the on-demand market, the online massage service has also procured a place in recent years. Several business-minded people have set up a massage service as they view this as an effective opportunity to establish their brand quickly in the market and thereby yield good profit. Since launching an app that is built from scratch will not let you get ahead in the competition sooner, an on-demand massage app like Uber would be the perfect alternative. Now, let us have a glance at a few factors that impact the cost of development of an online massage service app.
Feature-set of the app: The number of features to be included in the app will have a great influence on the development cost. The more the features, the more you have to pay. So make sure you develop an app that contains an ample number of essential features. Technology stack of the massage app: It is an obvious fact that the app should be built with advanced technologies and frameworks …

Develop your food delivery venture with a Postmates clone app

Setting food in the food delivery industry is now easy with an optimized app like Postmates. It is a feature-rich app that is easy to use and highly scalable. If you also want to launch an effective food delivery venture, then customize the app in accordance with your requirements and launch it on major platforms to acquire a large number of customers quickly. 
The app contains the following panels and options: Customer app: This panel will allow customers to sign up with the app and select food items of their choice from their favorite restaurants and place a food delivery order by specifying the correct location. They can also rate delivery executives and provide additional feedback after a successful delivery. The customer app includes the following features:
Social media loginScheduled food delivery ordersIn-app notificationsSecure payment methodsLocation trackingAdvanced search filtersEstimated billOffersRatings and reviews Admin panel: The admin can log in easily with the credent…