Why should you go with a Tinder clone app for your online dating business?

Long gone are the days when people used to write letters for their loved ones and wait for days to get a reply in long-distance relationships. People have got used to staring at their smartphone’s screen all the time. Online dating slowly gained popularity with the birth of the internet and websites. The sudden boom in the usage of mobile apps has taken it to the next level. The market is crowded with apps like Tinder, Bumble, Happn, etc. These apps are the matchmakers in the digital world, and it is proven to solve the traditional problems people face in dating. If you are planning on building a Tinder clone app, you can try integrating these features to offer a personalized experience for your users

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tinder clone app

Chat with matched profile users:

The users should be matched based on their interests mentioned in their respective profiles. The users can start to have a conversation only when they mutually like each other’s profile.

Like, super like, reject profiles:

Users can browse through the profiles on the platform and can like them if they are interested. They also have the options of super like to increase their chances of getting perfect matches.

Push notifications:

The users will be notified of new likes, messages, etc. Admins can also use this feature to inform users about discounts on premium packages.

Discovery settings:

The users can choose to get potential matches from a certain distance within their city. They can select the visibility radius based on their preferences. By toggling discovery settings, they can also choose to be invisible to other profiles.

Virtual geolocation:

Virtual geolocation allows users to manually set a location and look for potential matches available there. This feature will not be seen on every online dating app. Tinder offers this feature only for its premium users.

Gender interests:

Users will also have the option to toggle between the gender interest according to their preference. Their feed will be updated based on their selection.

Age-based matches:

Age-based matches will find the user profiles of your age. They can also filter the results based on their age that interests them.

Rewind feature:

If users reject a profile on their feed by mistake, they can rewind and like them if they are getting second thoughts about them. However, this is a premium feature on Tinder.

Bottom line:

If you plan to launch an online dating platform, get in touch with a Tinder clone app development company. Launching a clone app will help you save money and time. You can easily replicate the success of Tinder in no time. Get an app like Tinder from a professional development team and start building your brand today.


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