How to attract customers and outrun your rivals in the e-commerce app sector

The usage of mobile phones is increasing rapidly, and more entrepreneurs have started to launch their online service to survive in the market. If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur with plans to build an app like Amazon, get in touch with a professional clone app development company to kickstart your venture. Here are ten steps that you need to follow to develop an app Amazon clone app.

Formulate an idea regarding the app:

Before diving into the app development process, you have to formulate an idea for your app. If you arrive at the perfect business idea, the coding part becomes much more comfortable. It is an expensive process as developers charge colossal hourly charges, so ensure that you hire a team based on their quality and experience.

Note down the essential features:

Here are some of the useful features that should go into your app. They are responsible for the proper functioning of your app.
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Push notifications
  • Social media plugins
  • Wishlist
  • Synchronization
  • Faster checkout process

Start designing your app’s interface:

Since people will notice your app’s design before anything else, they are responsible for your app’s success or failure. Planning your design part could save you a lot of money as you will have an idea of what you actually need.

Make use of the available app templates:

The development process of your app can be similar to some other apps in specific ways. You can use templates available on the web and avoid unnecessary time spent by your development team on the app. You can accelerate the app development speed and get it done with a small team. Since it is a template, you will have minimum bugs in it.

Coding the back-end part:

This back-end is responsible for creating APIs, storing and retrieving data, and deals with the bulk of business rules. Use the best backend service providers in the market for the best results. You can also consider developing a custom backend from scratch.

Coding the front-end part:

The front-end part is where the users directly interact and are considered the most integral part of the app. It must be appealing to the user’s eye and should improve the overall experience on the platform.

Obtain feedback for the app’s initial version:

Launch the MVP of your app initially to get user feedback. You can use the feedback to fine-tunes several areas on the app. It can also help to learn more about the drawbacks of the services.

Make your app SEO friendly:

SEO not only applies to websites; it also plays a significant factor in app markets. A perfectly optimized app will be ranked high on search results. Here are some key factors that play a vital role in your app’s SEO:
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword
  • Title

Run innovative marketing campaigns and promotions:

No matter how good you optimize your app, if people aren’t aware of its benefits and services, the app will ultimately fail. You can devise various digital marketing strategies to get hold of your target customers. You can also advertise your app on different social media platforms.

Launch your app:

Once you cross off every step mentioned above, you can launch your app on the respective mobile app markets. Keep an eye on the user feedback and optimize your app from time-to-time.



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